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Security services in both the private and government contract sectors are paramount in today’s society. Security measures are in place more today than they ever were before. In earlier times, no one would have ever thought security was needed so highly in neighborhoods, schools, or even churches. Times have changed, and security has become a necessity that can no longer be taken for granted. Elite Security Forces have become a leading resource for providing professional, skilled and highly equipped security solutions for individuals, companies, facilities, organizations and government contracts. No entity is too small, and we are happy to provide quotes for a variety of security needs for any size organization.

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Elite Security Forces is registered as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business and focuses on employing the most experienced veterans and former law enforcement officers, as well as highly trained and experienced security officers in the security field. Our officers are experienced to handle any emergency or non-emergency call, with the highest standards of professionalism and performance. Elite Security Forces can offer you the right security assessment and consultation in order to meet all your security needs.


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When completing the employment portion of this questionnaire be sure you provide each employer for the past ten (10) years, in order from your present employer backwards. If you have ever had a previous law enforcement/corrections/military employment you must list it, even if it was more than ten (10) years ago. If there was a period of unemployment, enter it in the employment section in the same sequence and manner as if this were another employer by indicating “from” and “to” and printing “UNEMPLOYED” in the block headed “Employer Name.”

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