Security Needs Assessment

We at Elite Security Forces know how important the safety of your patrons, clients, residents, employees, guest, and family are. Yes, we said family also. We find that more and more “family” owned businesses are being established every day so the need for security services often does come close to home. So, with this in mind we would like that you ask yourself these few simple questions, Have I or someone I know ever…

 Been the victim of criminal mischief to your/their property?
 Been the victim of a burglary or a robbery?
 Been the victim of a thief and suffered revenue losses because of?
 Lost time and money due an injury of an employee or guest?
 Confronted by a belligerent, chemically or alcoholically impaired person?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you will also have to ask yourself, at what cost should I be able to safeguard myself from these types of situations. Not to mention legal or civil suits that can come from employees, clients, residents or patrons complaining of poor and inadequate security at your location should they become the victim of a crime. Statistics show that the safer and more secure your environment is, the safer your family, employees, clients and guests feel, subsequently bringing people to frequent your location even more. What does this mean for you? We could take a wild guess…MORE $$$. Deterrence means a lot when it comes to the scenarios listed above, but the cost should not have to be a burden either. That is why Elite Security Forces Services can keep these situations at bay for you at a very affordable price. Our goals are one in the same. We want to provide the confidence, professionalism, safety, and piece of mind that your family, employees, clients and guest(s) expect and rely on. Professionals that people can feel comfortable approaching should you or they need any sort of assistance…That’s why we are the next best thing to having the Police.